Gold River Seafood LTD. Is a privately held, 100% Canadian owned company that specializes in the supply of high quality seafood products sourced from the waters of the Pacific Rim. We have nearly 50 years of experience in all aspects of the fishing industry. GRS has also fostered deep and meaningful connections with some of the world’s leading aquaculture experts and seafood consumer groups.

GRS is Reinventing Wild Fisheries TM with a vision to provide you with unparalleled seafood quality. 24 HOUR FRESHTM is our forever go to mantra!

At GRS we care for our planet and the environment is a number one priority. Throughout our entire operations- from utilizing sustainable fishing practices at harvest to minimizing resource usage, we strive to be an environmentally and ecologically responsible company.  

GRS has developed assets that range in size from individual fishing vessels in British Columbia waters, to off loading facilities and points of presence along the American coastal states of Washington and Oregon to small, medium and large scale processing facilities in British Columbia, Canada; Oregon, and Northern-California, USA and working with processing partners in General Santos City, Philippines; Shanghai, Qingdao, PRC, and shipping and logistics points in South Korea.  
Gold River Seafood feels proud to be working on bringing cutting edge technology and know-how to help develop solutions for coastal communities across BC and Canada, while working with First Nations.
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