No pathbreaking innovation has occurred in the fishing industry since the 1990s. The time has finally come for things to change and move along with the times in this domain. GRS’s WCATM addresses the problem of reducing stocks and failing ocean health while minimizing the environmental footprint of fishing.

The main distinctive feature of WCA’sTM is live-caught fish with no at-sea processing. The WCATM proposition is highly different to the current way of targeting large-sized fish which leads to stock depletion, environmental degradation and wastage. WCATM creates a system whereby catch of smaller-sized fish is encouraged and just as marketable, while safe-guarding the DNA of very large, highly fertile fish.

Under the current fishing system, there is absolutely no scientific basis in placing limits on the minimum catch size. Limits should instead be placed using a maximum size restriction, so you leave the large spawners in the oceans to productively reproduce and recover stocks”, says the company CEO and Founder, Walter Simpson.

Upon arriving at the GRS facility, the fish are quarantined for two weeks before being transferred to GRS’ On-GroTM facility. It must be stressed that this is not farming, rather the On-GroTM of WCATM results in a much more creative growth environment when these highly robust wild fish are fed to satiation. On-GroTM employs the concept of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) to ensure a closed-loop system where water is bio-remediated (cleaned up) by species such as seaweed, urchins, cucumbers, mussels, and scallops. The On-GroTM facility is equipped with innovative technology that ensures the ideal environment for each species of fish for optimum growth levels.

The company then uses its proprietary 7 Point Signature SystemTM which creates an unstressed and humane environment for and subsequent processing, eliminating the release of destructive enzymes created by the fight or flight syndrome. This is the secret behind higher quality products such as 24 Hour FreshTM finfish and other products with 100% utilization. Through the right innovation, research, and mobilization of resources, all parts of the fish which are typically rendered useless and discarded can be used in various value-added products. The company ships its products directly to consumers in a highly efficient and shortened supply chain with e-tagging and blockchain protocols to support our 24 Hour FreshTM claim.

Conventional fisheries need a lot of re-thinking because of declining coastal communities, environmental degradation, depletion of stocks and supply chain inefficiencies. Our solution to all these problems is WCATM which offers an economic, environmental and societal remedy for all our seafood industry trouble.

Through circularity, WCA creates value for businesses, consumers, fisher communities, and the environment. It is not only a concept, but rather a movement which desperately needs to start right away owing to its uniqueness and pathbreaking innovation.

 Ateetmani Brar, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, GRS. 


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