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Our Current Fall 2019 Seafood List

Wild BC Sablefish (Black Cod)
FAS, J Cut (2.0-3.0 lbs), $11 p/lb  

Wild BC Albacore Tuna FAS
sashimi loins (1.0-3.0 lbs) $14  

Wild BC Sockeye Salmon
frozen, head off (3.0-6.0 lbs)  

Wild BC Pacific Halibut fillets, frozen (0.9-1.1 lbs) $21  

Wild BC Chinook Salmon, frozen
ask for availability  

Wild BC Chum Salmon, frozen
ask for availability  

Wild BC Rockfish, J Cut, frozen
1 lb.=$3, ask for availability  

Wild Shrimp, frozen
ask for availability