2020 Vision … an Overview

We are a privately-held, Canadian-founded, owned and operated SEAFOOD company with a history that stretches nearly a half century.

We are reinventing wild fisheries in a way that protects oceans and its creatures while sustainably delivering 24 Hour Fresh seafood.

Gold River’s wild and pristine wilderness is rich in indigenous history and tradition.

It’s a natural philosophy and way of life our company also respects.

When our founder Walter Simpson became a commercial fisher in 1970, he knew the risks of launching a business in wild and remote BC. He also recognized that there were sea creatures thriving beneath rolling waves that would feed our west coast community and beyond.

Gold River Seafood Ltd. is based in Abbotsford, BC in the beautiful Fraser Valley–one of Canada’s most celebrated farming communities.  Our seafood products are available 24 Hour Fresh or 24 Hour Frozen, and at times include sablefish, lingcod, pacific halibut, wild salmon, rockfish and more depending on season.

We have had an amazing run over the decades and have seen and made incredible changes along the way – some we orchestrated and others just seemed like good ideas so we joined in with our industry and community as it evolved through many iterations. It’s why we know what change looks like, and how it works, including the challenges.

It’s also why we know it’s time for a major shift, and time to reinvent wild fisheries.

Wally has had ideas about change for quite a while, for decades. He feels we’re on the cusp of a perfect storm that will cause a Sea Change. Wally has pursued, researched, and executed a number of successful alternative and disruptive strategies throughout his life and career. He’s inquisitive and thorough. Over the last twenty years he’s been zeroing in on and developing a new and even more sustainable way to harvest seafood. His vision is about an inland oceanscape – a fish farm where wild caught fish can be on-grown in a peaceful and pristine ecosystem. The water that wild caught fish live in is the keystone to health. The water in our fish farm won’t contain mercury, PCBs or plastic microbeads. It will be organic and cleaned in a way similar to how water is cleaned in the ocean – filtered through mollusks, urchins, and seaweed in a natural holistic way.

It’s an inland saltwater ecosystem that on-grows wild caught fish and delivers them 24 Hour Fresh to your plate.

Our process is great for oceans, fish, and our climate.

Check back here soon for the inside view from Wally …