Our Team

Walter Simpson, founder, president, and owner of Gold River Seafood Ltd., has travelled the world his entire career discovering and developing new fishing and food management processes.

Wally is an inventor and entrepreneur who has built a number of successful seafood companies since the 70’s. He is currently developing a brand new sustainable concept based on live caught fish aquaponics that will reinvent fisheries and radically change how consumers buy seafood. He even reinvented the concept of fresh – 24 Hour Fresh ™.

Maurice Cardinal, VP Business Development & Communications, has extensive experience building, rebuilding and managing global seafood organizations and training their account specialists to use social media to develop global relationships and sales strategies.

Maurice was the Business Development and Communications Officer of Canada’s largest and most influential seafood marketing association. He also has extensive experience leveraging IPFS blockchain and artificial intelligence as a disruptive technology, and wrote a successful book about managing business opportunities in Olympic regions.

Zhongmin (Min) Chen VP Senior Core Management Officer, manages the development of our Asian market and global fisheries research.

Neil Schellenberg, RAS Specialist has extensive Bio Technology experience, and has built and managed highly complex inland aquaculture systems.