We are a privately-held, Canadian-founded, owned and operated seafood company that grew, nearly a half century ago out of the Vancouver Island coastal community of Gold River.

We are reinventing wild fisheries in a way that protects oceans and its creatures.

Gold River’s wild and pristine wilderness is rich in indigenous history and tradition.

When founder Walter Simpson became a commercial fisher in 1970, he knew the risks of launching a business in a remote region. He also recognised there were sea creatures thriving beneath rolling waves that would sumptuously feed our west coast community and beyond.

Gold River Seafood Ltd. matured, and today is based in Abbotsford, BC in the beautiful Fraser Valley–one of Canada’s most celebrated farming communities. Our seafood products are available fresh or frozen and include sablefish , albacore tuna, ling cod, pacific halibut, pacific ocean perch, wild salmon, dover sole, and much more depending on season.

In our developing and soon-to-launch wild-caught aquaponics grange, we truly appreciate that quality starts with the method of capture. All of our fish are individually wild-caught on hook and line and gently handled. This slower and more selective process allows us to manage onboarding procedures that are meticulously designed to preserve superior quality from the precise moment our fish are hooked and brought to the ocean’s surface. We then place them unharmed, relatively speaking of course (small hook in lip that heals quickly) in LARGE LIVE WELLS of our boat. Currently, we transfer them directly to a trusted processing facility in our supply chain, but in the near future, select premium fish will be separated and transferred to our quarantined inland saltwater acclimatizing pools.

Once we’ve confirmed the fish are healthy, we’ll gently transfer them to our aquaponic grazing ecosystem that shares water and nutrients with a variety of sea life, like mussels and seaweed. It is in this organic and pristine environment where we’ll grow WILD-caught fish to maturity.

Our wild-caught fish will live in a manner that does not harm our oceans or other wild fish.

We created a 7-Point Signature System™ that monitors fish
at each step of boarding, unloading, and processing.

We work closely with off loaders and processors
to ensure that the flesh, as well as the aesthetic quality
of our catch remains impeccable.

Gold River Seafood fish are always humanely handled and never thrown or purposely dropped. Our end-of-life system method is measured and respectfully humane. Managing wild fish with the same empathy you’d afford your cat or dog makes for a happier fish, and a considerable boost in quality. When our catch reaches the grading table, each fish is unloaded by hand, graded, and carefully placed into a tote under Gold River’s supervision.

All of our catch is guaranteed traceable.

Gold River Seafood is not only a fish company,
we are also marine and farming innovators.

Our catch is processed using the most advanced and humane technology available. We work with respected and progressive marine biologists developing methods to utilize each part of the plants and wild fish we grow.

We use everything from nose to tail … and then some.

The “then some” part we use hydroponically as organic fertilizer.

IMTA – Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

In our soon-to-be operational Aquaponics Grange, absolutely nothing will go to waste, including our fish waste which will be used to grow nutritious plants for our local community. The plants we grow will also feed our grazing wild-caught fish and other ocean delicacies that thrive in our beautifully balanced aquaponics environment. Unlike the ocean, our multi-trophic environment will be quantifiably free of mercury, antibiotics, pesticides, and plastic microbeads that already occur in all of our oceans and sea creatures large and small.

The water that our wild fish will grow and thrive in,
will be organic and Old World pristine.

Our moral mission is to be ecologically responsible innovators, in not only sea fisheries, but also in land-based aquaculture, integrated with, hydroponics … better known as aquaponics,

IMTA Aquaponics is a sustainable way to raise wild fish and plants holistically – similar to how nature intended. It’s organic, and real, and has proven successful with fresh water fish for decades.

Our design however, is for salt water, a whole new world and level that is completely devoid of antibiotics and pesticides.

Our environment cleans itself naturally.

Species like salmon, halibut, sablefish, ling cod, and others, still today are in dire need of protection. We decided long ago that if society wasn’t going to instill effective change, we would. We’re doing it on behalf of the earth and oceans, and of people everywhere who want to eat and feed their families high quality, nutritious seafood for countless generations. We hope you think the same way too, and have conviction to make good choices.

We respect our customers’ expectations of freshness and quality in every filet and morsel, and at affordable prices. Chef’s around the globe know that some of the highest quality seafood comes from the west coast of North America. We’ve fished here for fifty years and know where to locate and Live Capture healthy fish of healthy species.

More importantly, we also know how to do it in a way that actually improves fish stocks while also meeting the needs of discriminating seafood lovers – it’s our transparent secret we’re happy to share with everyone … HINT: we leave the most prolific breeders, the oldest and largest fish in the ocean where they deserve to be, rebuilding and strengthening their species. It’s pure common sense based on respect.

We clearly know that the value of our catch is first to the earth and then to our customers, because it’s what we want and what our customers want. Our goal is to attain zero waste and to have a carbon personality that gives back instead of takes.

Each day, our team plans even better ways to place the best quality wild-caught seafood on dining tables, and to do it in a morally and environmentally responsible way.

We are members of organizations focused on sustainability, including the Canadian Pacific Sustainable Fisheries Society and the Marine Stewardship Council, and have received SCS Global Certification for our successes managing sustainability.