We care as much as YOU care

Gold River Seafood is for smart people who care about what they eat, and who also genuinely care about the health of our earth and oceans.

We developed a brand new process for WILD seafood that is ecologically responsible, truly sustainable, and tastes as if you caught it yourself, fresh this morning!

Our soon-to-launch process of 24 Hour Fresh is a brand new concept that will deliver fresh wild seafood that has never been frozen … ever.

Gold River Seafood is reinventing wild fisheries, retail and wholesale, and delivering the most nutritious and best tasting seafood ever.

We’re doing it organically and holistically–the way nature intended.

We haven’t launched 24 Hour FRESH yet, but if you send us your email we’ll let you know when we do – in the interim, check out our current great tasting seafood here … btw, never frozen to us means NEVER.

If you’re concerned about microplastics in our oceans , we have a solution that helps fish, and is great for your health too!