is a privately held, 100% Canadian owned company that specializes in the supply of high quality seafood products sourced from the waters of the Pacific Rim.

The company has developed assets that range in size from individual fishing vessels in the British Columbia waters, to off loading facilities and points of presence along the American coastal states of Washington and Oregon to small, medium and large scale processing facilities in British Columbia, Canada; Oregon, and Northern California, USA; and working with processing partners in General Santos City, Philippines; Shanghai, Qingdao, PRC, and shipping and logistics points in South Korea.

Behind GOLD RIVER SEAFOOD are the Simpson group of boats that has established a tradition of excellence by providing top quality seafood that is marketed under the GOLD RIVER brand name.

The management team at GOLD RIVER SEAFOOD has roots that go back as far as the individual fisherman. It is with the same philosophy that we build and maintain each and every business relationship regardless of scope and scale.

Sablefish Farm in the Works.

June 2017

Gold River Seafood has sparked an ambitious plan to bring fish caught in the wild to Abbotsford, where they would live and grow in tanks, before being sold at market. The nutrient-saturated waste water, meanwhile, would be used to grow vegetables in a greenhouse facility on the same plot of land in Bradner.

For information regarding licences and quota please contact:
Walter Simpson 1-604-329-0911

For Exports to China please contact:
Zhongmin Chen 1-604-560-6443

For Processing information please contact:
Doug Craig 1-604-716-5155

For information regarding the Enterprise and the Bradner facility please contact:
Operations Manager: Mike Jerowsky 1-778-554-1578

For all other inquiries, please contact:
Ramona Gerak 1-604-560-6443