The Gold River Quality

The Gold River Quality

We believe quality must begin with the method of capture. Because our fish are individually caught and handled we are able to develop onboard protocols that allow the fish to maintain their superior quality from the moment they surface from the water. To develop and maintain our high quality standards, our crews had to be retrained and our decks re-configured to make these necessary protocols possible. We also had to work with the off loaders and processors to ensure the aesthetic quality of our fish remained intact throughout these processes. The fish are never dropped or thrown. When they reached the grading table, each individual fish is unloaded by hand, graded and carefully placed into a tote under our supervision. The fish then move by truck to cold storage, or to the processing plant for filleting, and finally boxing. During this time each fish is individually handled under our supervision and proudly packed under our Gold River brand label. We guarantee the traceability of our product!


We strive to make certain that each and every fish has retained both its aesthetic appeal and intrinsic quality, only then is it packed under our Gold River brand. Any fish which does not meet our standards is packed in generic boxes along with the label of the harvesting vessel. Even though these fish are not Gold River quality, they are still comfortably within industry standards.


I am very confident that we will exceed your expectations with the quality of our product. To facilitate the onboard protocols necessary to produce this type of product we employ a larger crew than normal and cut down our production per day to a manageable level.


We believe that it is due to our handling techniques that our incidence of jelly flesh is typically down around 2-3% mark. Industry standard is much higher than this. We are also aware that the shelf life of our product is much greater than the competing commodity product. Finally, we believe that our attention to details on deck and our very cold freezing systems have ensured that there is no cell damage from improper freezing or gaping and loss of the essential fatty acids and Omega 3 due to excess liquid loss of the fish.


We therefore contend that we have created a product which has a greater value in several ways:

  1. All of our fish are of the same top grade. With the regular grade of sablefish found in the industry it is not uncommon for at least 10% of the product to be unacceptable to the white table cloth restaurant due to poor handling and freezing. These fish are generally used in other forms and dishes. Of course this is built into commodity pricing.
  2. Our incidence of jelly flesh is down around 2-3% mark instead of the industry standard of around 15%. This again is built into commodity pricing.
  3. The texture of our fish is very firm and all the natural juices intact. This produces a naturally delicious taste and texture which is guaranteed for our product.
  4. Once thawed the shelf life is significantly greater than the commodity priced product and needs only to be chilled to last many days. This is a particularly attractive feature for the retail fish markets which may want to sell the product as refreshed.
  5. After freezing the care used to handle our product is also evident in the fact that there is very little damage to the glaze and fins due to “rough handling”. Therefore the aesthetic appeal of our fish is not compromised but instead accentuated by each carefully handled fish being individually sleeved.


I am very confident that if marketed properly your customers will be asking for “Gold River Product” to the exclusion of others.


                                                                                                -Walter Simpson-