The Dungeness Crab takes it's name from a small fishing town on the Washington Coast. "Dungies" are in the Rock Crab family. Their shell is a light greenish-brown on back and turns red when cooked. The underside is a whitish to light orange.

Only males are harvested. They must measure 6 1/4 inches across the back.

They usually weigh between 11/2-3 and reach maturity at about two years. Harvest levels were declining the early 1980's but have rebounded since 1988.

Scientific name: 
Cancer Magister
Other Names: 
Market Crab, Common Crab
All year round depending on the area
25lb-40lb Styro box
December-March and May-September
Depth of Catch: 
Shallow to 200 fathoms
Catch Area: 
British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, California
How To Store: 
Fresh whole crab should be buried in ice
Range of Shelf Life: 
Live crab can be held up to 12 days. 3 to 7 days on fresh, depending on the quality of handling the crab has received.
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